About ENERTRAG Service

ENERTRAG Service GmbH offers independent servicing and maintenance for wind turbines.

We make sure that your turbine is an economic success!

With over 130 employees throughout Europe, our Service Teams monitor and guarantee the smooth operation of around 520 wind turbines.

With Service Teams covering the whole of Germany and a major component replacement team that operates internationally, we can provide the optimum in care and maintenance for all your installations according to your needs.

Our company policy at a glance

Quality We keep our promises and fulfil the requirements that are expected of us. Our strategic objective is therefore to prepare our employees for the coming demands throughoutthe wind energy sector.

In delivering our services, our task is to safeguard the quality of the installations operated by our customers, and in so doing we regard ourselves as an integral part of our customers’ quality management systems.

We aim to:

  • Provide sustainable services
  • Deliver convincing quality
  • Take responsibility
  • Pursue continuous optimization 
  • Act in accordance with our customers’ wishes to ensure their satisfaction
  • Meet our binding obligations
  • Focus on continuous improvement
  • Achieve our objectivesh.

Health and safety We value our employees. Consequently, we prioritize safe, secure and healthy ways of working. We train our junior employees from an early stage and support, encourage and promote our workforce.

Healthy, motivated, qualified and committed employees are essential for sustained long-term corporate success. Among other things, this also means preventing accidents, not just because the law requires this and because it makes good business sense, but also on essential ethical and moral grounds.

Our company policy is aimed at avoiding physical injuries to our employees while carrying out their work, as well as preventing occupational illnesses. We attach the highest priority to the protection of life and good health in the workplace.

Environmental protectionWe carefully consider the effects of our actions on our company, our partners and our shared environment. As participants in the renewable energy sector, this aspect of our company policy lies at the heart of our convictions.

Our day-to-day work is specifically organized to conserve resources. We deliver efficient services, we actively pursue prevention and we take steps to ensure that any harmful effects of our actions do not impact on human health or the environment, or at the very least to minimize these effects to the furthest possible extent. 

We are convinced that sustainable and environmentally-friendly optimization is a significant contributing factor in the economic success of our company.

We afford the maximum possible consideration to the concerns and potential grievances of those who live in the vicinity of the installations serviced by us in order to ensure the acceptance of the local population.

We are based in the following locations:

North East region

  • Lübeck
  • Holtgast
  • Rakow
  • Bütow
  • Prenzlau
  • Aschersleben
  • Halle 
  • Cottbus 
  • Dresden

South West region

  • Lotte
  • Geseke
  • Aachen
  • Nussbaum
  • Kaiserlautern 
  • Aufsess
  • Mücke/Hessen


  •  St. Quentin